There are a number of undergraduate students who volunteer in the CARElab. The CARElab has both English and French speaking volunteers. The volunteers study in diverse fields from psychology to biochemistry and range from 2nd year students to 4th year students. If you are interested in volunteering for the CARElab, please contact the Lab Coordinator at lreecare@uOttawa.ca.


  • Fatène Bader
  • Michelle Bertrand
  • Laura Gagné-Mercier
  • Tammy Gour
  • Anouck Langlois
  • Darcy Large
  • Rosalie Lemay
  • Olivia Mcgarity-Shipley
  • Hunter Paterson
  • Aneska Petit
  • John Platt
  • Harshita Seal
  • Rachel Sheppard
  • Luiza Souza
  • Yasmine Touijer
  • Philip Trepiak
  • Guiliana Zovatto
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