Spring Alumni Weekend 2012

The 2012 Spring Alumni Weekend: A great success!

Almost 2300 alumni participated in events organized for the 2012 Spring Alumni Weekend, which took place from May 11th to 17th. See all pictures. The Faculty kept up with tradition by celebrating an important milestone: the 20th anniversary of the School of Social Work.

For some Social Sciences alumni, 2012 meant that more than forty years had passed since the end of their studies. The reunion of the 1972 Masters’ in Criminology and the 1965-1970 Masters’ in Psychology classes were a big success. Although they had small graduation classes, we were able to bring together more than 30 guests for the first, and 50 for the second.

There were also many to participate to events targeting young alumni. Among them were the Happy Hour for new graduates and young alumni, and the class of 2007 5th Anniversary and the class of 2002 10th Anniversary reunions. The popularity of these new additions will hopefully create new traditions for alumni.

Young alumni were however not the only ones to come in droves! The older alumni were equally happy to come back on campus to celebrate the 25th or 50th anniversary since their graduation, during a homecoming cocktail for the firsts, or during the famous High Tea for the others.

The highlight of the Spring Alumni Weekend was without a doubt, the Destination 2012 Evening, on Saturday, May 12th, at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. Presented by the Alumni Association and hosted by Erica Ehm, this event succeeded in bringing together alumni of all ages, with appetizers prepared by the best chefs and lively music provided by Jully Black, Roch Voisine and DJ Bobby Kimberley. Congratulations to the six winners of the Alumni Association Awards of Excellence (which were presented during this evening): Dr. Dave Blackburn, Sheila Block, François Guimont, Marcel Hamelin, Dr. Deepali Kumar and Raj Narula! For a glimpse of the evening:

Many social sciences alumni also participated in historical boat cruises on the Rideau Canalthe VIP campus tour, lectures by Professor Pacom and Professor Vaillancourt, the panel discussion on the US elections, and a number of family activities, such as free skating and theatrical play. A good number of Criminology alumni also took part in a brunch at Ottawa Farmers’ Market on Sunday.

Finally, we would like to thank warmly all this year's class champions for helping to coordinate many activities: Mr. Philip Arbing, Mr. Mounir Kekli, Dr. Michael McCarrey, Ms. Femmy Mes, Mr. Daniel Stote and Mr. Paul Surprenant.

After such celebrations, all that is left is to do it all over again in May 2013! In the meantime however, stay tuned for other exciting activities, such as the inaugural events for the new Social Sciences Building!

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