Homecoming 2011

Homecoming 2011: reminiscing with former classmates and sowing the seeds of new friendship!

A great number of our graduates took part in the 2011 Homecoming events organized for Social Sciences alumni. View the event pictures.

70th Anniversary of the School of Psychology and Guided Tour of the new world-class facilities

The weekend’s signature event was the reception for the 70th Anniversary of the School of Psychology, where 120 alumni, current and former professors, students and staff members gathered in the newly renovated Vanier Hall for a cocktail reception. During the reception, alumni shared their favourite memories at the speakers’ corner. Guests then moved to 90 University for the official program, which included a look back at the School of Psychology over the years, a speech about the School’s vision and ongoing changes, and the awarding of the Outstanding Alumni Award to Dr. Rosenberg by Dean Mérette. After the official program, guests enjoyed some anniversary cake, which was designed to represent the School’s five fields of research. Many alumni were in attendance, a great number of whom had graduated in the '60s and '70s. Their sense of belonging seemed as strong this past weekend as it was when they were students. It was heart-warming to see former classmates reunite so enthusiastically.

Before the reception, alumni went on a guided tour of the newly renovated Vanier Hall, which now houses world-class facilities. The tour included a visit to the wet labs, the neuroscience labs and the Centre for Psychological Services. Participants seemed impressed with the advanced technology. As for upcoming developments, the School will be opening, in the spring of 2012, a shared Research Laboratory on Social and Psychological Processes that is based on the Harvard Decision Science Laboratory - Harvard Kennedy School. Stay tuned for details on an upcoming guided tour of this facility.

Soirée d'ailes de poulet

Extreme Wing Night

At the annual Extreme Wing Night, young alumni and students from all faculties gathered at the Draft Pub to feast on 10¢ wings and compete in the wing-eating contest. More than 200 guests signed up for the event, and some 4,500 wings were gobbled up. The contest winner (who ate 53 wings!) is now the proud owner of an iPad 2.

Political Science classes of '95, '96 and '97

During the reunions for the Political Science classes of '95, '96 and '97, alumni reminisced about the "good old days" at a "good old spot": Father and Sons Restaurant. Many of the former students are now public servants, and all of them seem to keep up with politics, such as Mathieu Ravignat, now an NDP MP for Pontiac, and Hussein Youssouf, now working for the finance minister of Djibouti.

University wide events

At the 25th Anniversary Reception, alumni from all faculties mixed and mingled with their former classmates. Social Sciences alumni told me they enjoyed the band and the delicious hors-d’oeuvres.

During the annual High Tea event, alumni who graduated more than 50 years ago were enthusiastic to reconnect. The room was full, and Mrs. Huguette Labelle, Chancellor of the University, hosted the activity.

Future Homecoming celebrations will be held in the spring, and we look forward to the first edition of these reunions in mid-May 2012. Stay tuned! It will be another incredible event.

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