Alumni Award - Past Winner - 2014

Julie Kingstone: Winner of the 2014 Faculty of Social Sciences Outstanding Alumni Award

Julie Kingstone


The Faculty is proud to present this year’s Faculty of Social Sciences Outstanding Alumni Award to Julie Kingstone.

Julie Kingstone graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences with a bachelor’s degree in leisure studies. She then went on to pursue a master’s degree in educational counselling. She also earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Carleton University.

Even at a young age, Julie Kingstone has always been very involved in her community. She has worked in a variety of social service settings, such as Christie Lake Camp, an organization that provides skill development opportunities for children from low-income households. As an adult, she worked as a palliative care recreational therapist at the Bruyere Centre and also as a facilitator in a mental health promotion program for youth.

But then came her crowning achievement: in 1995, she and her husband, fellow alum Keenan Wellar, co-founded LiveWorkPlay, an organization for individuals with intellectual disabilities, whose three main goals are:

  1. Live: to support its members to obtain affordable homes and the supports they need to succeed
  2. Work: to match employees who have intellectual disabilities with inclusive local employers
  3. Play: to help its members enjoy and contribute to activities and relationships in the community

Julie Kingstone has been working at LiveWorkPlay for the past 18 years and is currently the organization’s Co-Leader and Director of Operations. Today, LiveWorkPlay supports more than 100 people with intellectual disabilities.

Julie Kingstone has dedicated her life to building a more inclusive Ottawa through LiveWorkPlay, work that she believes in passionately. In 2012, her accomplishments were recognized by the community when she was named one of Ottawa Business Journal and Ottawa Chamber of Commerce Top 40-Under-40. She was the sole recipient from the non-profit sector.

Once again, the Faculty of Social Sciences wishes to sincerely congratulate Julie Kingstone for all her achievements.

Alumni Award - Past Winners

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