Alumni Award - Past winner - 2011

Dr. Truda Rosenberg

In her earlier years, when she escaped the Holocaust, Dr. Truda Rosenberg's focus was on staying alive. To that end, she had to assume three different identities in addition to showing incredible bravery, resilience and ingenuity.

It was not until 1951, while in England, that she reclaimed her true identity and immigrated to Vancouver. She later moved to Ottawa and earned a Bachelor's degree in Nursing as well as an M.A. and a Ph.D. in Psychology, all from the University of Ottawa. She went on to teach psychology at Haifa University in Israel, and later returned to Ottawa, becoming a prominent psychologist.

To this day, Dr. Rosenberg travels internationally to speak about her experiences and promote harmonious understanding across all cultures. She also sponsors a uOttawa research scholarship for the study of minority group discrimination and the promotion of harmonious multicultural relationships.

In 2009, she published her wartime stories in a memoir titled Unmasked, which took her close to 40 years to complete. This book gave her the chance to tell her story – the story of a Jewish woman who found tremendous courage and innovative ways to escape the atrocities of the Holocaust.

Her thirst for knowledge is insatiable. She is multilingual, speaking Hebrew, English, Polish, Yiddish and German, which helped her survive the time she lived in Poland.

It has now been 40 years since Dr. Rosenberg obtained her Ph.D. Needless to say, she has been an exceptional ambassador for the University of Ottawa.

Alumni Award - Past Winners

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