Your Alumni Community

A network of 42,000 alumni in more than 104 countries

Faculty of Social Sciences alumni are scattered all over the world. Our alumni are more engaged than ever as mentors, volunteers, employers and donors—all contributing to making a difference in our students’ lives. The size and power of this network opens up all sorts of opportunities.

Rediscover your university

There are many ways to stay in touch and give back to your alma mater! We offer networking opportunities and events to our alumni living in the National Capital Region as well as across Canada and abroad.
We encourage alumni to get engaged, locally and internationally, as speakers, volunteers, and ambassadors.

A win-win exchange: what your Faculty has to offer and how to get involved!

A legacy of success

Though our graduates are unique in their professions, passions and dreams, they share the pride of their hard-earned university degree and bring about positive change in society and in their own communities. Around the world, our graduates are our best ambassadors. Through their diverse experiences, our alumni enhance the reputation of our Faculty and enrich life on campus, making us even prouder to be part of the uOttawa story.

Following in the footsteps of alumni who have gone onto remarkable achievements, today’s social sciences students bask in this tradition of success. Visit the Faculty of Social Sciences Alumni Award page to find out more about their inspirational stories or to nominate someone!

For more information, to share your experience or comments regarding the Faculty of Social Sciences, to get involved in any project or to be added to the TABARET newsletter distribution list, you can contact Kelly Ashcroft by email at or by phone at 613-562-5800, extension 3602.

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