Interactive Smart Board

Steps to the startup and calibration of the interactive Smart Board. 

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1. First, select the top green button labelled «System On» to activate the equipment management system.


Computer screen

2. Second, press the first icon on the top and to the right that illustrates a computer in order to use the interactive Smart screen.


Computer screen

3. Third, choose the desired language between French (Fr) and English (En) by selecting the red buttons or the Accessible English (AEN) or Accessible French (AFR) option by selecting the black buttons


Computer screen

4. Fourth, you must calibrate the interactive screen.  For this operation, you must press the calibration button represented by a diamond which is the first button located on the control panel of the interactive screen.


Bottom of Smart board, Calibration buttons

5. To start the calibration, use your finger or the tethered pen to select the diamond icon in the upper left corner of the Smart Board screen.  Gently press the center of the diamond.  If you find that the accuracy of an item is incorrect, restart the calibration from the beginning (see step 4).


Left hand corner of Smart board

6. You are now ready to use the interactive screen.  You will also find on the left of your screen a tool bar which offers you different operating options (erase, mouse, etc).


Left side of smart board tool icons


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