Computing and Technical Support Services

The computing and technical support services are uniquely offered to support teaching and research activities and not for personal use.

The team can offer a variety of services depending on the type of equipment used. For further details please consult the following document.

Standard Computer

  • A specific workstation purchased from the preferred vendor and configured according to the COE specifications. Computers purchased by the agreement of Computing and Communications Services (Dell).

These computers use a ‘Common Operating Environment (COE)'.

The COE is used to describe a standardized computing environment including the operating system (Windows 10), Office Suite (Microsoft Office 2016), application software, and utilities such as Adobe Reader, Antivirus, Internet Explorer, TCP 3270, WS-FTP.

Peripherals / Accessories

Purchased with the computers → flat panel monitor, keyboard, mouse, multimedia (analog headset, WebCam), speakers, portable USB memory key, portable USB hard drive, scanner and printer.

Services offered for these computers:

  1. Unlimited installation and troubleshooting under and after the warranty has expired
  2. Data transfer
  3. Installation of additional hardware and troubleshooting
  4. Installation of application software and troubleshooting
  5. Installation specialized software and troubleshooting
  6. The computing team will task themselves with ordering brand new computer pieces and equipment required for any repairs after the warranty.

Advantages of this option:

The equipment is ordered by the computing team.
The 3 year warranty offered is a great asset in the event of a system failure.
The team is well equipped to offer fast and complete technical support for the material.
A variety of free software is supplied by the Faculty's computing team in set time limits (See definition of COE).

Non Standard Computer

  • All computers purchased outside of the university's service agreement. Examples: Apple computers, Sony, Toshiba, HP, Clone, etc.

The services offered for these computers are limited to:

  1. Connection to the required network
  2. Installation of the university's required office software
  3. Connection to the printers
  4. All configurations required at the university. (e.g., email, antivirus etc.)

A troubleshooting service is offered by the Computing and Communications Services of the university (ext. 6555) for all problems related to non standard operating environments and for non standard peripherals / accessories. Fees will be charged for any work.
Minimum hardware requirements for service calls is needed.

Disadvantages of this option:

The equipment must be ordered, purchased and delivered by the professor.
The warranty usually consists of returning the material to the manufacturer, at the cost of the professor, and without temporary replacement hardware.
The team has less knowledge of the equipment, so the technical support is minimal and generally only consists of the above services.

Apple Computers (Mac)

There are limited services offered for these computers.

  1. The Microsoft Operating System Windows will be installed in special cases with a limited support.
  2. In the event of hardware failure the buyer would need to bring their computer to the retailer and would be responsible for repairs under or without the warranty.
  3. The buyer is entirely responsible for Mac equipment warranties.

Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), Smartphone, Tablets, etc.


Supported Non Supported
Synchronization with e-mail Phone related issues
Synchronization with Contacts Hardware Issues
Synchronization with Calendar Personal Configuration i.e. Alarm, Sound, Games and other downloadable software
Synchronization with Notes& Tasks Internet Access and Options
Configuration of the equipment VPN Client


Supported Best Effort Non Supported
Cradle connection to the exchange server Synchronization with e-mail Phone related issues
Synchronization with Calendar Synchronization with Contacts Hardware Issues
  Synchronization with Notes Personal Configuration i.e. Alarm, Sound, Games and other downloadable software
  Synchronization with Tasks Internet Access and Options

Peripherals / Accessories

Digital cameras, DVD players, webcams (other than those supplied under the service agreement). We recommend users verify their equipment with the vender. Due to the large variety of equipment on the market at the moment, it is important that the buyer verifies that it fulfills its intended use. A trial is recommended, as well as looking into the possibilities of applicable warranties.

  • The technical support team may suggest certain equipment but are in no way responsible if any particular apparatus does not fulfill all the users' needs forthwith.
  • Very limited support is offered.
  • The users are responsible for warranties, repairs, and returns.

Service Calls

Service calls should be directed to Computing and Communications Services (613) 562-5800, extension 6555. Computing Assistance Requests may also be made online This arrangement allows us to offer you immediate service. Your call will be directed to the Faculty's technical support team when needed. 

Hours of operation

Mon - Fri: 8:15 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Sat & Sun: 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Faculty of Social Sciences Computing Team:

IT Technicians:

Podcasting Service

The University and the multimedia group offer a new service, Echo 360, for creating podcasts. Mr. Benoit Boivin ext 3650, is placing his knowledge and expertise at your service. For example, you may want to create a podcast of a course or a special event; to edit some of the material; and then make it available on the web. Many classrooms are equipped for the Echo 360 service and can be reserved with the multimedia group. Mr. Dion and his group offer complete support during the entire process and it is entirely free of charge.

The IT and multimedia groups will work closely to offer you support and answer your questions.

Computer and Teaching Laboratories

If you would like to teach your course in a computer laboratory, the Faculty of Social Sciences has three laboratories equipped with a variety of software. If you have any particular needs, please contact Sylvain Léonard to discuss your requirements. Laboratories can be reserved by the administrative assistant of your unit.

All three laboratories are open 7 days/week from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. and are located at the following addresses:

  • Vanier Hall - 136, Jean-Jacques Lussier, rooms: VNR 2008 (33 seats), VNR 2015 (46 seats) and VNR 2025 (52 seats).

Software installed in computer and teaching laboratories:

The computers in laboratories are equipped with office software such as Microsoft Suites and Macromedia, as well as the following specialized software:   QDA Miner, Eviews, Limdep, Mathematica, QSR NVivo, Shazam, Stella, SPSS, Stat transfer, AMOS, EQS, LISREL,  E-Prime and Arc GIS, Matlab, depending on the laboratory.

Please consult the computing team to verify the content of computers in each laboratory.

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