Victoria Barham, Vice-Dean, Undergraduate Studies

Victoria Barham

I always like to tell our incoming students that their undergraduate degree is their first real job: that whatever path in life they subsequently follow, the CV they will use every time they apply for a new position will always mention the fact that they completed their undergraduate studies at the University of Ottawa. What I hope – and I believe this hope is shared by the overwhelming majority of professors and staff in the Faculty – is that our students in the Faculty of Social Sciences will find that their studies are not merely personally rewarding, but also intellectually transformative. Pursuing an undergraduate education leads to the acquisition of knowledge, and also to the development of personal values, to the development of skills that help new graduates land paid employment and that also help our alumni succeed in the workplace twenty years after completing their degree.

We ask our students to invest themselves in their studies; in return, we work hard to offer a rich learning environment, with opportunities to take courses on a huge variety of different topics, with a mix of large lecture halls and small classroom environments, seminars, international study opportunities, as well as more practicum-type classes where students learn by getting involved in research projects on campus, or undertaking placements in the community. Students’ lives are enriched by the diverse student body, which includes students from all Canadian provinces, from large cities and from small towns, from First Nations communities that have been established in this land for thousands of years, as well as by contact with international students who arrived in Ottawa only very recently.

Our undergraduates have countless opportunities to participate in clubs, sports, and other activities organized by their student associations. And, of course, we are so very fortunate to be able to offer our students the opportunity to study in both official languages.

The Faculty of Social Sciences is a pretty amazing place. Welcome to our community!

Victoria Barham

Role of Vice-Dean, Undergraduate Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences

  • The Vice-Dean, Undergraduate Studies is in charge of administering undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences, through development, planning and coordination. She is also responsible for coordinating academic activities for certain Faculty programs not affiliated with an academic unit.
  • The Vice-Dean supervises the undergraduate Academic Secretariat of the Faculty and coordinates such academic matters as admissions and calendar texts.
  • Working closely with the chairs and directors of the units, she prepares the course selection to submit to the Dean.
  • The Vice-Dean chairs the Undergraduate Studies Committee (USC). She sits as an ex-officio member of the Senate and the University Council on Undergraduate Studies (CUS). She also chairs the Faculty's Academic Fraud Committee and coordinates the management of academic fraud allegations.
  • The Vice-Dean is also responsible for the development of all activities pertaining to the undergraduate student experience. To this end, she coordinates the development of related initiatives and analyses, acting in an advisory capacity to the Dean on these matters and those related to the administration of undergraduate programs. Finally, she ensures that information on the Faculty's academic awards, scholarships and bursaries is communicated to undergraduate students, and coordinates the selection of recipients

The term of office is three years.

Contact Information

Victoria Barham
Vice-Dean, Undergraduate Studies
Social Sciences Building, Room 3001
Phone: 613-562-5905

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