Undergraduate 2019-2020


Adapting to a new environment and developing autonomy to meet one's academic goals.

The Mentoring Centre is:

  • 15 dedicated and competent student mentors with diverse backgrounds 
  • More than 1,700 students met to help them develop the essential skills to their academic success.
  • 83 study group sessions offered to 1,132 students in 13 first-year courses
  • 13 workshops and thematic activities offered to 350 students
  • 759 individual visits

FSS Student Experience Week

More than 400 students participated in the 5th annual FSS Student Experience Week from September 16 to 20, 2019, where they were able to attend 7 activities and workshops including a lunch sharing with staff and faculty to introduce them to the richness of the student experience at the Faculty.


Cultivating engagement and a sense of belonging to the Faculty by offering students the chance to share and exchange ideas and realities.

Thematic weeks

  • 6 thematic weeks

Organized by the student associations in collaboration with the units and Faculty members. The theme weeks once again provided an opportunity for everyone to share ideas about their respective disciplines.

Preparing for the future

Acquiring practical skills and confirming one's choices before taking on new studies.

Directed Research in Social Sciences - SCS 4150 / SCS 4550 (for fourth-year students)

  • 40 students took on a research project alone or in a small group, working closely with professors.

Student for a Day

  • 59 students from high school and CEGEP had their first university experience at the Faculty. The day included:
icons representing the action of attending a class, meet with a student mentor, speak with an academic advisor, take a tour of our campus
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