The world at our students’ fingertips

Whether through internships, exchanges or field research courses, our students discover the world during their program.

The Faculty has granted approximately $345,000 for the management and support of international activities offered to our students.

Field research course

Field research courses are held every summer. Accompanied by their professor from the Faculty of Social Sciences, participants venture abroad to explore a problem in the host country and conduct a field study supervised by their professor. They had to be modified in the summer of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the fact that these courses were conducted from distance, they offered students a unique opportunity to meet actors in the field, to get to know key organizations and to consolidate their learning of field research tools.

In summer 2020, 56 undergraduate and master’s students participated in a field research course:

  • Brazil - Activism and Social Change in Brazil (course offered online in English)
  • Cameroon - Anthropology of medicines (course offered online in French)
  • Mexico - The challenges of minorities in Mexico (course offered online in French)
  • Senegal - Education and access to employment for young people in the digital era. The example of Senegal (course offered online in French)
  • Taiwan - Taiwan in the Global Political Economy of Care (course offered online in English)

International internships

In 2019-2020, 48 bachelor’s and master’s students participated in an international internship:

  • Africa: 20
  • Asia: 15
  • Europe: 7
  • South America: 6

International exchanges

In the winter 2020, 28 students represented Belgium at the Model United Nations Course. Although they were unable to travel to the UN in New York in April 2020, our students won five position Paper awards. These position papers are submitted in advance of the conference.

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