Donors and Partners

Philanthropy: Creating Impact

In 2018–19, the Faculty of Social Sciences raised more than $1 million dollars from over 400 alumni, employees, friends, corporate and foundation partners. Because of your generosity, the faculty was able to:

  • Invite four-time US presidential candidate Ralph Nader to talk about corporate crime, state violence and accountability in the Trump era (Shawn and Khush Singh Distinguished Lecture Series
  • Launch a new signature research seminar and lecture series on economic and monetary policy (Marleau Lecture Series on Economic and Monetary Policy)
  • Advance and disseminate research on the contemporary Ukraine (Danyliw Research Seminar on Contemporary Ukraine)
  • Help women develop their entrepreneurial skills and mindset at the 2019 Women’s Leadership Summit, which featured  OMX Founder Nicole Verkindt, as keynote speaker
  • Continue the legacy of Mauril Bélanger (Mauril Bélanger Lecture Series)
  • Strengthen public confidence in Canadian energy policy, regulation and decision making (Positive Energy project)
  • Support graduate student research on mental health and the development of a mental health action plan
  • Award over 100 donor-established scholarships and bursaries, valued at more than $400,000.
  • Establish new scholarships in support of Indigenous students studying social work; mature female students returning to school; student activists; and international mobility, just to name a few.

A big thank you to all our donors!

The Faculty of Social Sciences is very grateful for the generosity and support of all our donors.   We would like to give a special shout out to the following individuals, corporations and organizations:

  • Clean Resource Innovation Network
  • Hubert Marleau
  • Wolodymyr George Danyliw Foundation
  • BC Oil and Gas Commission
  • Donna and Barry Sheridan
  • Cathy and Jean-Pierre Soublière
  • Franklin Templeton Investments Corporation
  • Fondation Famille Bertrand
  • Hudson's Bay Company
  • Multi-Health Systems
  • Camille Villeneuve
  • Robert Doyle and Nicole Mondou
  • George Sotiroff
  • Svetlana MacDonald
  • Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies
  • Canadian Wind Energy Association
  • Lucienne Nicolay
  • Nalini Perera
  • SBX Technologies

Our outstanding volunteers

We would also like to express our profound gratitude to the Faculty of Social Sciences Campaign Cabinet for their time and commitment to the Faculty, their personal generosity and their willingness to open doors to new partners.

Campaign Cabinet Chair

  • Duane Green, President and CEO, Franklin Templeton Investments

Members at large

  • Hubert Marleau, Co-Founder Palos Management
  • Julie Barker-Merz, Senior Vice-President, South Western Ontario Division, Bank of Montreal
  • Paul de la Plante, retired strategic communications professional, entrepreneur
  • Rita Theil, Founder, CEO and President JacKryn Holdings Inc. and Founder of The Women’s Mentor Initiative  
  • Shawn Singh, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Luminus Management, LLC
  • Steven Stein, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Multi-Health Systems


Over the past year, Faculty of Social Sciences Campaign Cabinet members have:

  • Hosted a signature lecture and VIP cocktail featuring Ralph Nader
  • Created a promotional video for FSS Giving Tuesday priority projects
  • Hosted a targeted event for Social Sciences alumni in Toronto, featuring FSS alumnus Pierre Lavallée, President and CEO of Canada Infrastructure Bank
  • Helped organize and sponsor the 2019 Women’s Leadership Summit
  • Hosted an alumni event in New York City, featuring model UN students
  • Opened doors to companies working in the mining sector
  • Shared career paths and professional insights with uOttawa students and alumni
  • Provided feedback on concept notes
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