Alumni from the Faculty of Social Sciences are proud ambassadors with an important role in improving our students academic experience. Across the country and around the world, we provide our alumni with the opportunity to stay connected to their alma mater, build their professional and personal networks, and volunteer in meaningful ways to strengthen the University’s reputation. Our alumni are taking part in more events and hiring more students through CO-OP and the Michaëlle Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement. More than ever, alumni are coming to campus and sharing their insight and experience with current students, helping them make better-informed decisions and a successfully transition to the workforce. By reaching out, sharing their knowledge and building relationships, alumni are making a remarkable difference for our students and the future of education.

Alumni by region

2018 Map of the World with numbers of alumni in different areas. Africa 99, Asia 361, Europe 306, North America 34 298, Canada 33 654, Mexico 23, United States 621, Oceania 32, South America and the Antilles 64, Total 35 160
  • Africa 99
  • Asia 361
  • Europe 306
  • North America 34,298
    • Canada 33,654
    • Mexico 23
    • United States 621
  • Oceania 32
  • South America and the Antilles 64
  • Total 35,160
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