Nathan Young, Vice-Dean, Governance and Internationalization

During 2017–2018, the Office of the Vice-Dean, Governance and Internationalization (VDGInt), continued to develop and implement the two-fold mission expressed in its name.

The Faculty continues to be a leader in international engagement, training and research, with our students taking advantage of the unique opportunities offered by our international internships and field research courses. Students participating in the Model United Nations course again performed exceptionally in this international competition, representing the University and making us all proud. Overall, our international activities greatly enrich student life, offering invaluable education and work experiences beyond the classroom, as we train the leaders of tomorrow. A statistical picture of these programs is presented below.

The University has recognized internationalization as a major strategic priority, and our faculty will continue to play a leadership role in this area. We look forward to working with the central administration, which shares this priority.

In terms of governance, the VDGInt has updated the Faculty’s bylaws to create an elected position on the Faculty Council for a representative from the part-time professors. Part-time professors play a major role in our teaching mission, and we are pleased to recognize this through official representation on the Faculty’s governing body. The first elections will be held this September. We are also working towards reform of several key Faculty Council committees to make them more representative of the units they serve.

This is a period of change for the University, as we navigate new funding realities and academic priorities. In the face of these challenges, we will continue to work with our units to develop innovative approaches to serving students, professors and the broader community.

Nathan Young, Vice-Dean Governance and Internationalization

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