Undergraduate 2017-18


Adapting to a new environment and developing autonomy to meet's one academic goals.

The Mentoring Centre is

12 students mentors met 1073 students during 1550 contacts

Introduction to Studying the Social Sciences - SCS1150/1550

  • 303 students
    .... who made up
  • 8 course sections
    ... in which they acquired concepts and work habits they need to succeed in the social sciences.

FSS Week

  • 343 students
    ... participated in the third edition of FSS Week, from September 18 to 22, 2017, during which they took part in
  • 15 activities and workshops
    ... including a potluck breakfast with staff and professors, to help them discover the Faculty's rich student experience


Cultivating engagement and a sense of belonging to the Faculty by offering students the chance to share ideas and compare realities.

Themed weeks

  • 6 themed weeks

Once again, the themed weeks, organized by student associations, along with Faculty units and members, allowed for everyone to share across disciplines.

Mental Health Awareness Week

From January 29 to February 2, students and the University community were able to take part in the first Mental Health Awareness Week. Many different activities, such as discussion groups, talks, meditation, yoga, sports, animal-assisted therapy and a crepe breakfast, helped bring the University community together to talk about well-being and self-knowledge.

Preparing for the future

Acquiring practical skills and confirming one's choices

before taking on new studies.

Directed Research in Social Sciences - SCS4150 / SCS4550 (for fourth-year students)    

  • 38 students
     ... took on a research project alone or in a small group, working closely with professors

Student for a Day

56 students
... from high school and CEGEP had their first university experience at the Faculty. The day included:

 campus visit, including FSS, meeting with an academic adviser class visit and discussion with the professor, meeting with a mentor


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