Administration 2017-18

Our Support Staff


Without the outstanding contributions of our administrative staff, we couldn't maintain our deep level of commitment to our students, professors and researchers.

Dedicated, thorough and hardworking, each one of these employees works tirelessly to help enrich the student experience and support our teaching and research mission at the Faculty.

Our nearly 100-member team's continued hard work makes our faculty akin to a beehive, buzzing with productivity.  The team carries out a wide variety of tasks in every corner of the Faculty - everything from providing academic guidance to our students to recruitment and retention, as well as managing financial, physical, material and human ressources and providing IT support, developing new IT systems, fostering and strengthening relationships with our alumni and carrying out marketing and communications, as well as development, activities. Our administrative staff make all our accomplishments at the Faculty possible. Indeed, they're here with you and for you, whether your dealing with one of our academic units or the offices of our dean or vice-deans.

"These staff members play an essential role in helping us carry out our academic mission and administrative activities and keep things running smoothly so the Faculty can continue to grow. We greatly appreciate the professionalism they show in their day-to-day work,  which helps the Faculty build on its excellent reputation here in the nation's capital, across Canada and around the world. It's not surprising there's such a great sense of belonging and pride among us here at the Faulty!"

JoAnne St-Gelais,
Chief Administrative Officer


two piggy banks on books

The Faculty has an operating budget of $56 million and a research and trust fund budget over $10 million.

  • Operating Budget $55,803,896
  • Research and Trust Funds (managed by the Faculty of Social Sciences) $10 400 000

History of the Faculty and its Academic Units

Faculty of Social Science Building

The social sciences have enjoyed a distinguished history at the University of Ottawa, one that begins with the creation of the School of Political Sciences in 1936. Over time, the founding disciplines, such as political science and psychology, have become the heart of the Faculty; however, they were established before the Faculty itself existed. It was not until 1955, with the addition of the Department of Economics, the Department of Sociology and the Department of Political Science, that the Faculty of Social Sciences was formed. In the following decades, from 1968 to 2008, the Faculty grew by six more academic units. Today the Faculty has nine units, including six schools, two departments, and one institute, all of which foster interdisciplinary work.

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