Research Themes

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The Faculty of Social Sciences represents a place of excellence in knowledge creation, research and training. Driven by both disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives, research at the Faculty is rich, innovative and varied, contributing to the depth of understanding and breadth of discussions on a variety of issues nationally and internationally. And whether fundamental, theoretical, applied or action-oriented, this research is generated by our renowned expertise, ultimately culminating in applications designed to influence individual communities and the betterment of society.

We have identified five research themes which collectively represent a large proportion of the research undertaken in the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Research Chairs

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Research Chairs are a vital way of promoting a discipline, a strategic area or even an experienced researcher's program that has merited the endorsement of his peers due to the impact of his work. Our Research Chairs are exceptional teachers and researchers and are always pushing the boundaries of knowledge in their respective fields. A Research Chair is allocated partly on the basis of their research program, but also by virtue of their sustained contribution to education, mentoring of students, as well as scientific exchanges with other researchers.

Research Centres and Institutes

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Research centres and institutes are venues for meetings and discussions, supported jointly by the Vice-President for Research and the Faculty. They have an identifiable and visible research structure, a clear research strategy for the criterias of research excellence, governance of their own and important influence. If the research centres focus on the mentoring of graduate studies, than the institutes offer important programs of study in key strategic fields. In doing so, the research centres and institutes attest to the intensity of research within the Faculty and the University.

Research by the Numbers

  • 277 Regular Professors
  • 10,1 million in research funding
  • 39% of professors hold Canadian federal granting agency funds (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC)
  • 67% of professors hold external research funds (grants and contracts)
  • 15 postdoctoral students
  • 1,300 Graduate students, 37% at the doctoral level
  • 26% of all uOttawa doctoral students are registered at the Faculty of Social Sciences

Research Funding (2010-2017)

Chart showing research funding 2010-2017 - see table below
Research funding 2010-2011 2011-2012 2012-2013 2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017
Tri Council $2,951,103 $2,841,098 $2,619,696 $3,274,643 $3,685,601 $3,719,813 $3,943,301
Other External Funding $3,159,362 $4,780,464 $3,360,642 $3,645,789 $4,579,084 $4,605,282 $5,041,047
Internal Funding $1,258,952 $1,211,189 $1,240,953 $1,178,051 $1,127,194 $1,221,170 $1,201,450
Total $7,369,417 $8,832,751 $7,221,291 $8,098,483 $9,391,879 $9,546,265 $10,185,798

Research Funding Sources (2016-2017)

Pie chart showing the research funding research 2016-2017 - see table below
Funding sources Amount
Tri council $3,943,301
Canadian Research Chairs $500,000
Government $2,492,822
Enterprises $23,200
Associations $657,362
University, Colleges $1,119,935
Interns $1,201,450
Private Donor $37,798
Foundations $58,657
Others $151,272
Total $10,185,798
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