The Faculty of Social Sciences Graduate Office works very closely with colleagues within each of our 9 academic units. The Graduate Studies Office (GSO) handles the admissions process, awards internal grants, processes evaluations of external grants and ensures quality in the services offered to graduate students.  Furthermore, it is an important resource for the academic units to address questions or concerns regarding students who are applying for or are registered in Faculty graduate programs.

For fall 2016 admission, the GSO, along with the Faculty academic units, assessed 2,045 applications to our graduate studies programs:

2045 applications, 1241 applications cnd citizens, 804 international applicants 1761 master's applications 284 doctoral applications

Based on the admission criteria established by the academic units, the GSO sent out 858 offers of admission:

  • 432 offers were accepted
  • 380 students actually registered in one of our programs

In addition to admission scholarships, the Graduate Studies Office, in collaboration with the staff in the academic units, managed around 700 applications for scholarships (OGS, Vanier, NSERC programs, etc.). Many of these applications were successful, and so, a high percentage of students received one of these prestigious scholarships.  Furthermore, certain highly qualified international students were awarded an international scholarship (full or partial).

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