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Welcome to uOttawa’s Faculty of Social Sciences

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If you’re an international student thinking of studying the Social Sciences at uOttawa, in Canada, you’re at the right place!

On this page, we’ve gathered links which we think may help you navigate through your questions and our sites.

Thinking outside of the box: unique student services & people

More than 10,000 students are currently enrolled in the Faculty of Social Sciences, which makes our faculty the largest one at uOttawa. Over one quarter of the university’s total student population (approximately 43,000 students) are enrolled in one of our many programs.

We recognise that today’s issues require a different approach, one that encourages bold minds to come together to share ideas, re-frame the questions, and redefine the debate. Our graduates obtain degrees that are recognized worldwide and they enjoy successful careers around the globe.

uOttawa: Defying the conventional

  • Founded in 1848, uOttawa is now the largest French-English bilingual university in the world—a crossroads of cultures, languages and perspectives that drives new ideas. You can study in English, French or both.
  • We are among the top 2% of universities worldwide.
  • We rank among the 10 most research-intensive universities in Canada and ranked as one of the top 200 universities in the world.
  • We are comprised of 10 faculties offering more than 450 undergraduate, graduate and professional degree programs to some 43,000 students from across Canada and 150 countries.
  • Mixing it up inspires game-changing ideas. Our unique collaborations across disciplines means our expertise is sought after by government and industry.
  • Canada's commitment to bilingualism is fundamental to what we are as a country. The University of Ottawa has nurtured this vision of bilingualism. We offer outstanding programs in French, in English and in both languages. Our campus lives, learns and plays in both languages.

Social sciences: list of our schools, departments and institutes

Social scientists help shape the world thanks to the contributions they make through research and through policy analysis and development. They examine everything from micro and macro systems, to networks, relationships, societies, cultures, communities, individuals and their behaviours. They are critical in helping us make sense of our fast-paced and continuously changing world.

All of our social sciences’ academic programs, be they disciplinary or multidisciplinary, fit under one of our Faculty’s nine schools, departments or institutes. Go ahead and visit the ones that interest you to learn more!

Department of Criminology

Department of Economics

School of International Development and Global Studies

School of Political Studies

School of Psychology

Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA)

School of Social Work

Institute of Sociological and Anthropological Studies

Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies

Unique FSS features

Our location and openness to diversity: another unique advantage

We are located in the city of Ottawa, Canada’s capital and centre for political activity.

Given the reputation of our Faculty as a neutral space where dialogue flourishes and where languages and cultures cross-pollinate, we attract students from all around the world. We have established a tradition of welcoming politicians from across the political spectrum, academics from myriad disciplines, government officials from various sectors, and leaders from all kinds of organizations and associations.

This means that students like you have the opportunity of learning in a vibrant and dynamic laboratory of ideas. We embody the Canadian spirit. We believe in measured, intelligent choices, democratically made by people who are thoughtful and well informed.

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