Why Undergraduate Studies at the Faculty?

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Dean's Message

Marcel Mérette, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences

Marcel Mérette
Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences

If you’re considering post-secondary studies at uOttawa, congratulations on getting this far!

Now... which program to choose? Which institution? As you start asking yourself questions about how best to align your personal interests, your high school grades, and your career opportunities, remember this: if you want to make the world a better place while pursuing a successful career, the social sciences help you keep your options open. At uOttawa, we’ve found the right balance of classroom theory and practical real-world experience. Because we teach you the fundamentals of scientific inquiry and of social analysis, whatever program you decide on, you’ll have transferable job market skills. We’ll help you get involved both in Canadian society and internationally, by becoming a positive change agent in the lives and communities you care about. A world of ideas to change the world...That’s our Faculty’s promise to you.

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