Conflict Studies and Human Rights

Student profile

I'm interested in :

  • international current affairs
  • various fields in the social sciences
  • human rights and peacekeeping

What is the conflict studies and human rights program?

This degree covers national and international tensions, fundamental human rights, conflict-resolution processes as well as a range of underlying themes. These themes include peacemaking and peacekeeping; inequality, justice and democracy, singular and plural identity, nationalism and so-called traditional conflicts.

The work graduates do

This program leads mainly to positions in the field of international relations in various government departments and non-governmental organizations. As well, it is an excellent preparation for studies in law or for graduate studies in the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Some examples of job opportunities

  • Departmental assistant in international relations
  • Development officer in peace building initiatives
  • International development officer
  • Program or project officer
  • International policy analyst
  • Consultant
  • Foreign Service officer
  • Conflict resolution worker

Job outlook

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