Welcome to the Stepfamily Research Lab!

You are a member of a stepfamily? You would like to share your experience with researchers interested in learning more about the challenges of stepfamily life?

The Stepfamily Research Lab at the University of Ottawa has announced the launch of the Canadian Survey on Parenthood in Modern Contexts.The purpose of this research is to better understand the experience of being a mother in today’s evolving family, as well as the ways Canadian parents perceive parental roles in today’s society.  We aim to find participants from across Canada in a variety of family configurations. We hope to hear from biological, adoptive and step-parents who may be single (including divorced, widowed, never married) or partnered (including cohabiting, married and remarried parents in same-sex  or opposite-sex partnerships).

Participation would require only your time to complete one, two or three surveys online. Each survey takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

The survey for mothers is focused on your experiences of motherhood including relationships with children and satisfaction with family relationships:


These two surveys can be completed by both mothers and fathers and are focused on perceptions associated with different parental roles:  



We are always looking for potential participants.  Please send us an email at Julie.Gosselin@uOttawa.ca so that we can keep you in mind for future projects.  To find out more about our ongoing and past projects, take some time to visit our website.

View our community resources specifically for stepfamilies.

Follow the Director of the Stepfamily Research Lab on Twitter @DrJulieGosselin!


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