Word from the Director

Whether you are pursuing an undergraduate degree, a master’s or a PhD in Social Work at the University of Ottawa, you’ll have a unique opportunity to become involved socially. Over the past 25 years, the School of Social Work has created exceptional educational programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.These programs draw upon critical analysis and current intervention research that relate to a wide variety of groups and organizations.

Since the School’s first master’s degrees were awarded in 1994, we have seen more than 435 students graduate. Building on its past accomplishments and active involvement in its community, the School further strengthened its commitment to professional training in the field of social work in 2006 by creating the honours BA in Social Work program. This undergraduate program has already graduated more than 175 students. Our programs, accredited by the Canadian Association for Social Work Education (CASWE), provide professional training of social workers that prepares them to work with individuals and their families; groups and communities in various institutional and community-based contexts in Ontario’s Francophone community (the School’s main focus) and with other Canadian and international populations.

With the School’s solid reputation, we broadened our program offering in 2010 to include a PhD in Social Work. This program concentrates on the critical and contextual analysis of social interventions, with a special focus on the micro- and macro-level dimensions of social work practices. This PhD in social work program trains independent researchers and high-level professionals to develop the skills and tools necessary to become experts in their field. They will move on to play leadership roles and develop partnerships with other social work specialists, as well as with policy-makers, thereby contributing to knowledge translation and the advancement of innovative social work practices and intervention techniques.

As Director of the School of Social Work, I wish you a warm welcome and hope your visit to our Website will spark your interest and provide the information you are seeking. For more details on our programs, please send an email to the School.


Marie Drolet
Full Professor, Director of the School of Social Work

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