Statistics Consultation

The following professors offer specialized statistical consultations services for the students in psychology and the members of the School of Psychology.

Sylvain Chartier

Nonlinear analysis: regression, clustering, classification and time series.

Denis Cousineau

Model selection and fit indices (AIC, BIC); best-fitting technique (maximum likelihood, bayes); parameter estimation; univariate tests of means, frequencies, and aggrement matrices.

Veronika Huta

Analysis of variance, analysis of covariance, MANOVA; regression, logistic regression; exploratory factor analysis; hierarchical linear modeling; structural equation modeling, confirmatory factor analysis.

Elizabeth Kristjansson

MANOVA; regression, logistic regression; exploratory factor analysis, principal components analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, item response theory.  

Dwayne Schindler

Multivariate and univariate analyses.

Cate Bielajew

No stats consultation this year.

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