The School of Political Studies, created by the University of Ottawa in 2003, is a hub of knowledge bringing together the study of political science and public administration. Using both disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches, the School of Political Studies makes it possible for students to acquire in-depth knowledge on a range of political phenomena, such as power and authority, opposition and resistance, as well as management and public policy, in all their different forms at home and around the world.

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Doctoral Thesis Defence of Benoît Décary-Secours (Political Science) will be held May 9th, 2016, at 9:00 am in room LPR-284, 141 Louis-Pasteur.

These Title: " La violence criminelle en contexte démocratique: le rôle politique des imaginaires de la punition au Brésil "

Thesis Supervisor : Professor Marie-Christine Doran

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