The School of Political Studies, created by the University of Ottawa in 2003, is a hub of knowledge bringing together the study of political science and public administration. Using both disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches, the School of Political Studies makes it possible for students to acquire in-depth knowledge on a range of political phenomena, such as power and authority, opposition and resistance, as well as management and public policy, in all their different forms at home and around the world. Learn more about the School.


  • Éric Champagne, professor at the School of Political Studies, receives the Community Service Learning Program Outstanding Achievement Award.
  • Congratulations to all the students of the SPS who contributed to the Public Administration Graduate Student Conference themed "Today's ideas are tomorrow's solutions. with original, stimulating and high quality communications".
    Two prizes were awarded :
    • mentoring for writing an article in the journal Revue Governance for Christine Paulin , a doctoral student in public administration (thesis writing in progress)
    • a gift certificate of $ 100 at Chapters for Lauren Touchant , a doctoral student in Public Administration (ongoing dissertation proposal writing ).
    Congratulations Lauren and Christine !

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