The 12 weeks unpaid internship is worth 6 units (9 units for Social Work students). Depending on the program, students can count the internship as part of their compulsory units (ANT4010, DVM4010, ECH4010), optional or electives (SCS4010 for all the other programs offered at the Faculty of Social Sciences). You can also get 6 extra units through the intensive courses offered right after your internship (3 weeks Monday to Friday). These courses can count as electives or optional courses depending on the student's program.

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Three 3-week courses happen in May of each year and are worth 6 units and can count as optional courses or electives depending on the student's program.

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If you are a full-time University of Ottawa student and would like to do part of your studies in another country, consider the University of Ottawa’s exchange program. To learn more about the exchange programs, attend one of the mandatory information sessions being offered over the coming months.

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Model UN conferences bring together students from across the world to simulate sessions of United Nations bodies, such as the Security Council and General Assembly committees. Students represent different countries and advance their foreign policies, as they debate the issues and crises that face the world today.

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Interested in becoming a eurodeputy? Take part in the French-speaking model European Parliament! The SPECQUE (acronym for Simulation du Parlement européen Canada-Quebec-Europe) is an international French-speaking model European Parliament, the largest of its kind.

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