How far have women come? What about efforts to end sexism and racism? What impact do social relationships between women and men have on society? The Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies gives you the knowledge and tools you need to answer these and other questions and help improve the well-being of those who make up more than half the human race.



    • Simone Parniak, Master's student in Women's Studies, was awarded a "trainee" grant from the Society of Family Planning (USA) for her research titled "How might Canadian women talk about peri-coital
      ". This grant will help support Ms. Parniak's fieldwork. Congratulations,

    • Professor Corrie Scott has recently published a book titled " De Groulx à Laferrière ", in Les Éditions XYZ inc. The book is available on-line
    • Professor Denise Spitzer received a SSHRC Partnership Development Grant to establish the Ottawa-Ogaden Region Research Partnership, a collaboration between Dr. Spitzer's Canada Research Chair in Gender, Migration and Health, the University of Jijiga located in the Somali Region of Ethiopia, and the Ogaden Welfare and Development Association. Using the Denan Project, a medical outpost that has evolved into a community, as a case study, this international academic-NGO partnership will develop a model of community-based participatory research with academic staff, student trainees, NGO workers, and residents of Denan.

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