Word from the Chair

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Department of Economics at the University of Ottawa, in the heart of Canada's Capital.

Not a day goes by that we do not make economic decisions on an individual or collective basis. Economic problems are pervasive, and will always be present in a world with shrinking resources and growing needs.

Economics as a science covers a broad spectrum of human behavior. It is the science of choice par excellence and analyzes the impact of those choices on our standard of living. The topics examined by economists are very diverse, and include the public deficit, unemployment, inequality between individuals and countries, exchange rates, climate change, the provision of health care services, population aging, and globalization. Perhaps surprisingly, economists are also interested in issues relating to crime, fertility, marriage, fidelity, AIDS and gambling, to name a few.

A degree in economics makes it possible to acquire a rigorous training through familiarization with the necessary tools to analyze the above-mentioned topics. While studying economics, one learns how to use theory, data, and analytical skills to answer complex problems. Studying economics prepares one to adapt better to the 21st century’s new economic environment.  

Why choose the University of Ottawa for a degree in Economics?

The Department of Economics at the University of Ottawa has a very dynamic faculty with varied interests including: development economics, environmental economics, labour economics, macroeconomics, public economics, economic theory, etc. Faculty members actively contribute to the development of knowledge in their areas of specialization. Our partnership with Carleton University, allows our Masters and Ph.D. students to broaden the spectrum of field courses available to them.

Our undergraduate degrees open the doors to advanced studies in economics at all universities in the world, in addition to providing a solid preparation for those who wish to obtain a degree in law or a Masters in Business Administration degree. Our MA students are hired in the public service, banks, consulting firms and international organizations, and our Ph.D. graduates find jobs at universities, public and private research institutions, as well as international organizations.

A distinctive feature of our BA and MA programs is their bilingual nature. The University of Ottawa is the largest bilingual education institution in Canada. It provides an environment in which students can study in French, in English, or in both languages. Bilingualism of our graduates is an asset highly valued in the labour market. In addition, we offer a very popular coop program. Students admitted into that program have the opportunity to gain work experience while studying.

Our department is located in the Faculty of Social Sciences’ new Green Pavilion. It is a charming environment in which to study with convenient spaces for students. Finally, our geographical location in the capital city of Canada is another undeniable advantage that enables our students to be close to important economic decision centers of Canada, namely the Federal Government and the Bank of Canada.

For more information on our programs, I invite you to send a message to econ@uOttawa.ca.

I hope to meet you soon at the University of Ottawa!

Yazid Dissou

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