• Canada’s largest academic unit specializing in international development
  • Pursues a mission to engage both theory and practice
  • Offers courses abroad in developing and developed countries
  • Provides CO-OP option to combine working and learning
  • Research intensive with an interdisciplinary PhD in International Development
  • Provides networking opportunities in a G8 capital city



  • The School of International Development and Global Studies and Médecins sans Frontières present Laurence Binet "Beyond humanitarian assistance: the challenges of speaking out about the atrocities that humanitarian actors witness" FSS4004, 1630 to 1800, Wednesday 5 November 2014. Bilingual presentation and discussion.
  • Associate professor and president of CASID, Rebecca Tiessen and ID Ph.D. candidate, Furqan Asif will be speaking at a conference this weekend, September 12th and 13th titled: "Global Development and Sustainability: Are we making an impact?"
  • SIDGS Director Lauchlan T Munro is quoted in the 10 September Ottawa Ctiizen story on the closure of the North-South Institute.

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