• Canada’s largest academic unit specializing in international development
  • Pursues a mission to engage both theory and practice
  • Offers courses abroad in developing and developed countries
  • Provides CO-OP option to combine working and learning
  • Research intensive with an interdisciplinary PhD in International Development
  • Provides networking opportunities in a G8 capital city


  • As part of seminar series regarding National Identity,
    professor Mahmoud delivered his essay on "Identity Crisis in An Era of
    Globality" for PACSO on Wednesday, August 27th, 2014
  • Full professor, Gordon Betcherman was quoted in the Toronto Star's article entitled: "Encore Jobs, a new trend in retirement" on August 24th.
  • Ph.D. candidate
    Domitille Mellet received a doctoral IDRC award for her research on problems of access to
    finance for SMEs Moroccan.

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