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Canada's Largest Bilingual Criminology Department

Criminology is a discipline covering a wide range of research areas, ranging from crime itself to the different parts of the criminal justice system. The Department of Criminology at the University of Ottawa offers teaching and research expertise which make it stand out from other departments, due to its keen interest in analysis of criminal justice policy and practice and critical theories in criminology. Students are invited to think about the roles and responsibilities of different actors in the justice system (police, practitioners, judges, politicians, victims) and the different strategies in place to respond to behaviour deemed to be against the law. Students enrolled in our programs can also benefit from the expertise developed by numerous research teams affiliated with the Department.

Located in the heart of the nation's capital, the Department enjoys a unique position from which to observe and analyze decisions made by the agencies dealing with crime and social justice. This also allows students who wish to do so to be actively involved in the debates associated with the field of criminal justice policy.

The Department of Criminology offers programs of study in both official languages. Students in our programs can therefore take optional courses in the language of their choice, if they wish. Our bilingualism also offers students a stimulating environment, as it enables them to encounter the two great intellectual traditions represented by French and English.

In addition to enjoying superior theoretical education, some of our students also have the option of gaining meaningful hands-on experience through field placements in various criminal justice agencies. These top quality field placements allow students to put their in-class knowledge to the test, while gaining experience within these different agencies.

For more information on our programs, feel free to email us at crimino@uOttawa.ca

Meet your Chair

Professor Patrice Corriveau accepted a position as Chair for the Department of Criminology for a period of 3 years. Learn more about him.

My studies
After finishing my B.A and Masters in criminology at the University of Ottawa, during which time I did an exchange at Louvain-la-Neuve Catholic University in Belgium, I achieved my doctorate in sociology in 2004 in a joint program between Picardie Jules Verne University (CNRS Psychoanalysis and social practice) and Laval University. In 2006, I received a DESS in public administration from the National School of Public Administration (ENAP) in Quebec.

My research interests
I am currently conducting research on the decriminalization and normalization of certain kinds of deviance that are found in the heart of criminal law, mental health, public health and human rights (i.e. suicide, homosexuality, criminalization of sexuality, youth violence).

My greatest passion
I have always had a passion for travelling, both for the discoveries and the feeling of freedom it gives me.

My favourite quote
I would say one of my favourite quote is by Oscar Wilde: 
“To get back one's youth one has merely to repeat one's follies.”

I also really love this quote from Coluche: 
“To criticize people, you have to know them, and to know them, you have to love them.”

Patrice Corriveau

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