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The Centre for interdisciplinary research on citizenship and minorities (CIRCEM) is one of the major research center of the University of Ottawa and the faculty of social sciences. As a research center, CIRCEM aims to be a place of convergence for researchers - national and international - preoccupied by questions of community and pluralism. Through its research projects and numerous events, the center and its directors manage to engage in discussion many graduate students and professors from different perspectives, creating an ideal space for both production and animation of francophone intellectual life.


Democracy, Political and Social Thought

This research axis will focus on the more substantial aspects of political modernity using a real multidisciplinary approach including both political theory and socio-anthropological perspectives.

Ethics of Care

Ethics of care

This research axis explores the possible role of ethics of care in public policy and the political space.

Foundation of the Politic

Foundation of the Politic

This research axis aims to understand the link between the politic and the symbolic.


Participation and Citizenship

Analysis of social and political participation practices in daily lives.


Migration, Pluralism and Citizenship

This thematic research focus studies the construction of boundaries between those who are said to belong to the national society and those who don’t.

Justice and Law

Justice and Law

Beyond the study of law as an element of citizenship and justice, this research axis aims to understand the very concepts of law and justice and the means by which they contribute to creating and maintaining the social bond.

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