Directory of Professors List by Rank and Status

Alphabetical List

Rita Abrahamsen (PhD in Politics , University of Wales)
African Politics; Development and Security; Security Privatization

Gordon Betcherman (PhD. Labour Economics, University of California)
Emerging Economies; Social Policy; Demography

Didier Bigo

Gilles Breton (Doctorat sociologie/politique, École des hautes études en sciences sociales (E.H.E.S.S.))
Globalization of Higher Education; Issues and theories of globalization

Kenneth Calder

Daryl Copeland

Miles Corak (Ph.D. Economics, Queen’s University)
Unemployment and Unemployment Insurance; Social policy; Inequality and intergenerational mobility

André Downs

Isabelle Engeli (Ph.D in political science , University of Geneva and University of Grenoble II)
Comparative Public Policy and Policy Change; Governance and Biotechnology; Gender and Politics

Patrick Fafard (Ph.D. Political Studies, Queen's University)
Governance and public policy; Population Health; Federalism and intergovernmental relations

Ross Finnie (Ph.D. Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Social policy; Public and labour economics; Post-secondary education

Kathlean Fitzpatrick

Richard D. French (D. Phil. , University of Oxford)
Political Theory and Public Policy; Post-Liberalization India; Political economy of communications

Gregg Fyffe

Patrick Georges (Ph.D. Economics, University of Ottawa)
International trade and finance; Fiscal policy and public debt management; Computable general equilibrium modelling

Alexandra Gheciu (Ph.D. , Cornell University)
Norm dissemination and international socialization; International Security; International Relations Theory

Robin Higham

Don Hubert (Ph.D. Social and Political Science, University of Cambridge)
HUMAN SECURITY; Reconceptualization of international security; Conflict prevention and post-conflict peacebuilding

Peter Jones (Ph.D. War Studies, King’s College)
Middle East affairs and Iranian security policy; International negotiation and conflict resolution, especially track-two diplomacy; Diplomacy

Luc Juillet (Ph.D. Public Policy, Carleton University)
Theory and analysis of public policy; International and domestic environmental policy; Canadian public administration

Thomas Juneau (Ph.D. Political science, Carleton University)
Canadian foreign and defence policy; Strategic analysis methods; Middle East

Martin Kalulambi-Pongo

Maral Kichian (PhD (Economics) , Université de Montréal)
Applied Econometrics; International Economics; Macroeconomics

Tamara Kotar

Philippe Lagassé (Ph.D. Political Science, Carleton University)
Canadian executive and constitutional monarchy; Canadian civil-military relations; Canadian defence policy and politics

Claude Laverdure

Gaëtan Lavertu

Nomi Claire Lazar (Ph.D., M.Phil., M.A. Political Science, Yale University)
History of political thought, including Kant, Locke, Machiavelli, Rousseau, Schmitt; Comparative political thought including Roman, Chinese, and Assyrian political thought; Contemporary theory, including states of emergency, political legitimacy, the political philosophy of time, multiculturalism; Public policy, including comparative constitutions, criminal law policy, mechanisms of accountability

Patrick Leblond (Ph.D. Political Science, Columbia University)
Global Economic Governance; International and Comparative Political Economy; International Finance

Matteo Legrenzi (D. Phil. International Relations, Oxford University)
Regionalism and Regionalization; Politics and International Relations of the Middle East; Gulf monarchies

Patti Tamara Lenard (D.Phil. Political Philosophy, Oxford University)
Democratic theory; Global justice, solidarity and migration; Nationalism, multiculturalism, and trust

Catherine Liston-Heyes (Ph.D. Economics, McGill University)
Charitable giving; Economic Regulation; Consumer protection

Carolyn McAskie

Daniel Munro

Costanza Musu (Ph.D. International Relations, London School of Economics)
Transatlantic Relations in the field of security and defense; The European Union, foreign policy; Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Geranda Notten (Ph.D. Economics, Maastricht University)
Poverty: measurement, analysis, monetary, multidimensional, children; Social protection policy: cash transfers, social assistance, social insurance, poverty reduction strategies

Gilles Paquet (Post Doctoral Scholar Economics, University of California)
Governance and public management; Economic policy; Economic history

Roland Paris (Ph.D. Political Science, Yale University)
International security; International governance; Civil conflict and peacebuilding

Ravi Pendakur (Ph.D. Sociology, Carleton University)
Social capital and diversity; Ethnicity, immigration and labour; Implications of citizenship acquisition

David Petrasek
Human rights and armed conflict; Human rights and poverty; Strengthening international human rights law

Jean-François Ratelle

Nicholas Rivers (Resource and Environmental Management , Simon Fraser University)
Environmental economics; Renewable energy; Energy efficiency

Paul Robinson (DPhil Modern History, University of Oxford)
Security and defence policy; Russian history; Military ethics

Barry Stemshorn

Christine Straehle (Ph.D. , McGill University)
Applied Ethics; Global Ethics; Theories of Global Justice

Salamat Tabbasum

Srdjan Vucetic (PhD in Political Science , The Ohio State University)
American foreign policy; International Security

Wesley Wark

Michael Williams
International Security; Critical Security Studies; Realism and the Theory of International Relations

Gervais Yamb

Yongjing Zhang (Ph.D. in Economics , George Mason University)
China's economy and governance; Public finance, especially fiscal federalism; Social dilemma

Christoph Zuercher (Ph.D. , University of Bern/Switzerland)
Caucasus, Central Asia and Afghanistan; State and peacebuilding; Global governance

David Zussman