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12/19/2014 - CSIS agents' visit to local resident a 'cause for alarm'

A Hamilton resident who had travelled to Iran and had previously expressed his discontent with the Federal Conservative Government was visited by CSIS agents. Wesley Wark, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, noted it's not the national spy agency's job to "enforce any political rigidity or political censorship on the part of Canadian society. Its job is to detect and advise the government about national security threats," adding that if it were ever proven CSIS agents had been motivated by politics, the fallout would be considerable.

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12/18/2014 - Proche Orient: le Luxembourg devient le sixième parlement européen à reconnaître la Palestine

Le parlement luxembourgeois a voté en faveur de la reconnaissance de l'État palestinien. Thomas Juneau, École supérieure d'affaires publiques et internationales, indique que la multiplication récente des votes sur la question s’explique par une « des irritations et impatiences croissantes en Europe devant l’impasse dans les négociations de paix et l’intransigeance d’Israël. »

12/15/2014 - 'Lone wolf' terror attacks hard to intercept : Expert

Thomas Juneau, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, comments on the recent single-handed terror attacks. He believes more are imminent, but hard to prepare for. "Even if you have vague suspicions to raise your threat level, by definition lone wolf attack are extraordinarily difficult to prevent or to preempt."

12/15/2014 - The Hill Times’ list of the best 100 books in 2014

Caroline Andrew, School of Political Studies, Philippe Lagassé, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, Benjamin Zyla, School of International Development and Global Studies, Christine Bruckert and Colette Parent, Department of Criminology, are all authors of books which have made the Hill Times top 100 list. 

12/13/2014 - Le prix des choses, et de l'espionnage

Cet article fait mention d’une lettre d’opinion par Paul Robinson, École supérieure d'affaires publiques et internationales, dans le National Post le 8 décembre.

12/12/2014 - Nic Rivers: Are low oil prices good for the environment?

In this Op-Ed, Nic Rivers, Canada Research Chair in Climate and Energy Policy, explains why he believes a period of low petroleum prices is a good opportunity to implement pricing reforms to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. "A modest carbon tax, as implemented in British Columbia, or cap and trade system, as in Quebec, would increase the price of gasoline, but by an amount much smaller than that caused by the recent drop in oil prices." People would accept the change easier than if the price was already high.

12/11/2014 - The charts every Canadian should watch in 2015

Miles Corak, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, was asked by Maclean's what he thinks is one of the most important economic issue for Canada, moving forward into 2015. He presented youth unemployment. "The economic recovery has yet to come for the young."

12/10/2014 - Democracy Hacks: Should children have a vote?

Miles Corak, Graduate School of Public Affairs, argues that children should be given the right to vote by proxy of their parent. He explains that we tend to see voting as a privilege. When voting started to be recognized as a right, the discussion took place across the gender line. He suggests we now focus on the age line. A child is a "citizen of this country and the most fundamental right of citizenship is the right to vote."

12/10/2014 - Federal nerve centre relied on dubious reports during Ottawa attacks

It has been revealed that the Government Operations Centre relayed late and faulty reports on the day of the October 22nd attack. Wesley Wark, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, believes the Centre "was peripheral on the day as a source of information." Which "suggests that emergency management procedures for the NCR might need to be reviewed."

12/10/2014 - A food stamps success story

In this Op-Ed, Miles Corak, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs writes on the state of poverty in the US. "The fact that federal government programs put a floor under family incomes may well be something to be celebrated, but it is not a balm for all of the challenges families and children continue to face (...)."

12/09/2014 - TVA Nouvelles

(11:41-15:03) Thomas Juneau, École supérieure d'affaires publiques et internationales, commente la récente vidéo du groupe armé État islamique. Selon lui, « c'est important de nuancer un peu où c'est très difficile de démontrer l'impact qu'une vidéo comme ça peut avoir. »  Il rajoute par contre que « même si on doit garder les choses en perspective, il faut pas non plus ignorer la menace que l'État islamique pause. »

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12/08/2014 - Don't Panic; The world is not becoming a more dangerous place

In this Op-Ed, Paul Robinson, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, argues that the world is no more dangerous now than it has been. "The world is not more dangerous than 10 years ago, or 15 years ago, let alone than during the Cold War. Every statistical analysis of international conflict shows a sharp decline in conflict in the past 20 years.."

12/08/2014 - Finance Department now a fact-free zone

In this Op-Ed, Alan Freeman, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, discusses the current Department of Finance. 

12/08/2014 - Les propos du djihadiste John Maguire suscitent des questions dans la région d'Ottawa

Thomas Juneau, École supérieure d'affaires publiques et internationales commente la récente vidéo publiée par l’État Islamique. « Il semble y avoir un effort de l'État Islamique pour présenter M. Maguire comme un individu normal ». Selon lui, ce serait une façon pour l'État islamique de différencier John Maguire des « loups solitaires ».

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12/04/2014 - Kurdish men seeking asylum in Canada detained

Two men suspected of being members of a Kurdish terrorist organization are being detained by Canadian border officials after claiming asylum here. Wesley Wark, Graduate School of International Politics, said the law being enforced in this case is not flexible enough. “If you are deemed to have in the past been a member of a terrorist organization, then the present circumstances of that organization or your own present circumstances don’t really weigh in the case,” he said.