Philippe Lagassé

Philippe Lagassé

Selected Publications

Books Authored

  1. Lagassé, P. and Robinson, P., Reviving Realism in the Canadian Defence Debate, Queen's Centre for International Relations, 2008, Martello Paper, No. 34, 128 pp

Books Edited

  1. Michel Bédard and Lagassé, P., eds., The Crown and Parliament / La couronne et le parlement, Cowansville, Éditions Yvon Blais, 2015

  2. D. Michael Jackson and Lagassé, P., eds., Canada and the Crown: Essays on Constitutional Monarchy, Montreal & Kingston, McGill-Queen's University Press / IIGR, 2014

Editor Special Series

  1. Lagassé, P. and Massie, J., , "New perspectives on Canadian security studies", International Journal, 64(3), 2009

Chapters In Books

  1. Lagassé, P. and Patrick Baud, "The Crown and Constitutional Amendment after the Senate Reform and Supreme Court References", Constitutional Amendment in Canada, Emmett Macfarlane, ed., Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 2016, (accepted)

  2. Lagassé, P. and Patrick Baud, "The Crown and Constitutional Amendment in Canada", The Crown and Parliament / La couronne et le parlement, Michel Bédard and Philippe Lagassé, eds., Cowansville, Éditions Yvon Blais, 2015

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Non-Refereed Chapters In Books

  1. Lagassé, P., "The Contentious Canadian Crown", Canada and the Crown: Essays on Constitutional Monarchy, D. Michael Jackson and Philippe Lagassé, eds., Montreal & Kingston, McGill-Queen's University Press / IIGR, 2014

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Papers In Refereed Journals

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    Winner of Marvin Gelber Prize for best article by a junior scholar, International Journal and Donner Foundation (2004)

Papers In Non-Refereed Journals

  1. Norman Hillmer and Lagassé, P., "Parliament will decide: an interplay of politics and principle", International Journal, (forthcoming)

  2. Lagassé, P. and James W.J. Bowden, "Royal Succession and the Canadian Crown as a Corporation Sole: A Critique of Canada's Succession to the Throne Act, 2013", Constitutional Forum , 23(1), 2014

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Technical Report

  1. Lagassé, P., The Military Roles and Responsibilities of Canada's Governor General and Commander-in-Chief, Report prepared for the Judge Advocate General of the Canadian Forces, July 2013

  2. Lagassé, P., Going Coastal? Assessing the Domestic and Expeditionary Roles of the Canadian Navy, Directorate of Maritime Strategy, Canadian Navy, August 2009

  3. Lagassé, P. and Sokolsky, J., The Evolving Security Environment and the Canadian Forces: What Military Capabilities will be Most Important?, Report submitted to the Assistant Deputy Minister (Policy), Department of National Defence, 2004

Working Papers

  1. Lagassé, P., (2013), How Should Canada's Parliament Decide Military Deployments? Lessons from the United Kingdom, Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute Policy Paper

  2. Lagassé, P., (2012), Recapitalizing the Canadian Forces' Major Fleets: Assessing Lingering Controversies and Challenges, Strategic Studies Working Group, Canadian International Council / Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute

  3. Lagassé, P., (2003), The SORT Debate: Implications for Canada, Institute for Research on Public Policy

Book Reviews

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  2. Lagassé, P., "The Siren Song of Independence", A Two-Edged Sword: The Navy as an Instrument of Canadian Foreign Policy, Nicholas Tracy (MontrealMcGill-Queen's University Press 2012 ), Literary Review of Canada, March 2013

Newspaper Articles

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