The Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA) is Canada’s leading school of public and international affairs. It’s a place that brings together excellence, multidisciplinary studies, theory and practice, bilingualism as well as unique opportunities for students outside the classroom (embassy internships, summer schools abroad). GSPIA counts among its faculty a number of world-class scholars doing cutting-edge research and senior fellows who contribute to enriching the intellectual life of the School.


  • Why Canada should continue air strikes against IS Professor Thomas Juneau (GSPIA) contributes to The Globe and Mail

  • Quel accueil canadien pour les réfugiés syriens? Ferry de Kerckhove, GSPIA Senior Fellow, comments on Radio-Canadas's Les samedis du monde
  • Professor Roland Paris (GSPIA) is invited to join the Prime Minister Office's team as Senior Advisor on Global Affairs and Defence during temporary academic leave

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