Undergraduate Studies Committee


The Undergraduate Studies Committee (USC) ensures the quality of the programs according to requirements of the University and the Undergraduate Program Review Audit Committee (UPRAC). Subject to Article 162 of the University Government, the Undergraduate Studies Committee makes recommendations to the Faculty Council concerning:

  • admission requirements of the Faculty's undergraduate programs;
  • structure, content, and learning objectives of the Faculty's undergraduate programs;
  • program creation
  • implementation of policies that promote academic success and enhance students' university experience
  • program changes;
  • course creation – including courses introduced after unit self-assessment reports and reports from the Undergraduate-Programs Evaluation Committee are received;
  • program changes introduced to better serve special clientele such as part-time and off-campus students;
  • internationalizing undergraduate programs and developing opportunities for student mobility;
  • transfer credit guidelines;
  • recommendations made to various bodies for prizes, awards, medals and scholarships under Faculty Council's jurisdiction;
  • establish and develop an academic information and guidance system for the Faculty's undergraduate students.


Subject to Article163 of the University Government, the members of the USC are:

  • Vice-Dean, Undergraduate Studies and Secretary, ex-officio member and chair of the committee;
  • a professor from each unit (or someone so appointed) who supervises bachelor's degree studies; he or she serves a two-year term;
  • one (1) professor from the International Development and Globalization program, who serves a two-year term;
  • one (1) professor from the Conflict Studies and Human Rights program, who serves a two-year term;
  • one (1) undergraduate student, elected by the Faculty Council at its October meeting;                                                                                                         
  • Administrator of Undergraduate Programs (non-voting member).
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